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Exempt Firemen have traditionally been those firefighters who have served their community and fire company, for a specified period of time, generally seven (7) years, eighty-four (84) months. The “Exempts” and the Exempt Firemen’s Associations are different from the Local Relief Associations and the New Jersey State Firemen’s Association and have separate laws governing them. Generally a firefighter is a member of both organizations. Both require the same tour of duty which is attendance at sixty percent (60%) of all regular fires and drills. The Exempt Firefighter obtains an Exempt Certificate after seven (7) years duty from the municipality in which his/her fire company is operational and part of that fire department. This certificate is then filed with the County Clerk and entitles the firefighter to certain benefits by statute. Those in the Local Relief Associations also serve seven (7) years duty, but get a Qualifying Certificate issued by the New Jersey State Firemen’s Association. The Exempt Firefighter or their Local or State Associations receive no financial support from either the State of New Jersey or the local municipality.



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